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seeing the news every day made me feel helpless so small what can I do to help... I make pretty things... and put them out into the world so... I started sketching to try distract myself ... having seen lots of images being shared of traditional Ukraninan Dress and art ... these seemed to come together in this design .... I often sketch goddess figures and my hope is this one will bring some beauty and good into the world...


the image here is a work in progress photo...she isnt finished just yet ... I need to add more shading light and dark ...aswell as colour the blue and yellow of the Flag of Ukraine, blue flowers around her face....and the sunflower petals will of course be yellow... i'll update the image when she is finished ... but if you would like to preorder you can do with an idea of how she will look...


The full £10 purchase price of this print will go to the Red Cross Ukrainian Appeal 


Ukrainian Sunflower Goddess A4 Print

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